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George W

To - Megan A.
To improve your work where you say "parce que ill ecouter" it should be only one l so it is "il".
I think it was good why wally was in the bedroom.
It was also good how you use an appropriate picture.

Sophie walker

Helena Wright-
This would be better if she said why he's watching television, does he like it ?
What is he watching, and when ?


im editing megans work -

cahnge ill to il.
cahnge le to la because its femine not masculine.
put a accent on ecoute.

well done for adding your opion & a reason next time check your spelling & accents ! xx


spelling is correct
use some past tense
work on who she is talking about


George W:You gave a reason and you said where he was but you didnt use the french for toilet you just put WC, i think


Megan Appleyard,
Megan has added her opinion by saying Amon avis,(i think)
she has given her reason for it, by saying parce que which is (because). She needs to crroect her spelling, the ill to il and ecouter with accent.

Helena Wright

Sophie Walker-

i thinks sophies sentance is very good becuase it makes sense and it has got a good picture to go with it.
one way that Sophie could improve it is to give a reason why she thinks hes in his bedroom listening to music.


alysha: your french is breif and you have no picture. however, your french is correct :)

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