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Barney A

is it just me or can you not see all of the question about france being the protector of Morocco?

:( -Barney


Fun games, but my sister kept on anoying me and gve me some wrong anwers
oh, ok about 2 right ones even thought she says she gave more anwers than that

Eddy S

wow Ace
game! I Just flung my teacher!! ;]

Star: Great FUNNNN!
Star: It makes you want to ceep playin'.
Wish: Some of Qs are quite hard.....I had to use goooooooogle :o
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

eddy S

ace game! I just flung miy teacher ;]!!!

STAR:If you fail you ceep wanting to do more and get it right.
WISH:SOme of the Q's were hard.........I had to use GOOOOOOOGLE hehe!! :o

eddy S xXx

lizzie J

i played this game and it was kind of weird!!
it was good but i didn't like it when it zoomed in on the injurys of the teacher. i thought that was icky!! :)


that is a wicked game miss, soooo funny!:)

Eddy M

Great Fun. Took me a few tries but I nailed it

Zoe R

At first i got like 3 questions right! :(
But then i kept on playing it until i got all of them right! :)
Star: good idear the fling your teacher!
Star: i learnt more about Morocco. :)
Wish: Easier questions, (took me like 10 attempts!) :0
x zoe r

Michael M

Brill game miss its well funny


erm dunno wat ta say!!! (thats a first)
the games i mean fling the teacher that is wack!!
millionaire some hard questions dint do gd :(
sad face!!
we should carry on wid the website and the voki!

from connor


Catherine D

Star: Really funny watching teacher flying away in the barrel!

Star: Good questions although quite tricky

Wish: No wish! :P


Fun game (:
I would say the questions were a bit to hard for me lol

Star. I like how when you've got the quesiton's wrong it tells you the right answer
Star.I like how you can choose your teacher
Wish. Easier questions next time

Laura M

It was a fun game :]

Star - I like how it tells you the right answer if you've got it wrong.
Star - I learnt more things about Morroco.
Wish - The questions were hard so I think there should be easier ones next time.

- Laura.


Heeeee! it has the hilarity many more games should follow!!!! you have my mustached approval. :)D

aoife m

star....good questions
star....hurting virtual teachers is fun xD
wish....it got annoying when you had to go bak to the start.

it was way better then any other homework

jack g

i just flung my teacher

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