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Claude Almansi

NB I'm 56 so I'm not competing for a credit ;-) . Therefore I'll understand if you don't publish this comment.

This is delightful. After the listnening exercise, your students might also caption the songs in French, maybe using the transcript you provided, and then make English subtitles by translating the file of the captions. (About captioning tools, see the links in my http://innovateblog.wordpress.com/2008/12/05/three-video-captioning-tools/ post).

Also: "...mais j'aurai la moyenne / et je serai la reine / des verbes irréguliers" might be a starting point for a discussion on the aim of learning a language - and of learning tout court. True, learning involves assimilating a certain number of data like irregular verbs, but also how to cope when we have not fully assimilated them yet: online dictionaries like http://www.logos.it also give conjugations. And passing in a given subject is a goal not be dismissed with a shrug. But if students are to truly acquire learning in one subject, then evaluation should not only bear on their mastery of data at the moment of the test...

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