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sorry miss i have tried everything but pictures will not show up and i think some of the text says that it takes ten minutes to get to schoo land ten minuets to get back

billy orpe

hi miss i cant seem to see the pics at all sorry will carry on trying to see them

Eddy M

Miss B. couldn't see the pictures put I understood the letters. Touching.

eddy s

Hi Miss
Unfortunately I could not access the pictures. I tried to read the text and translate with my Mum!
Eddy S


I haven't been able to look at the pictures as it says there is an error with them!

Zoe R

The photos are good. the text was saying about school they have only a few classes. The people there will have pets like camels and desert animals, whereas we have pets like fish and rabbits.
cya x


There is lots of open sandy places where not many trees or green bushs grow. It is a very dry place. They also use camals to get aroud instead of horses or cars. The children all dress in there home clothes and there is no uniform. In school, the pupils learn lots of subjects but not as many as us in england.


those pictures are really cool
i like the camels!!

i didnt really understand much of the text
but does it say there are 13 teachers
and they do 4 i/2 hours timetable in the morning
and 10 minutes recreation time between lessons (or something along those lines?!?)

and the lessons thay do are listed at the bottom.

im not really sure if thats the sort of comment that you wanted but thats what i understood.

cameron s

hi miss just had a look i like the desert and everything this looks cool and i hope 2 go there maybe one day! :-)

cameron s

hi agian is the school only 3 years old,has 10min breack and 8 hectures of land?

Barney A

Some things are the same and some are different.

Like us, I think they do:

And they have 10 minutes breaktime.
The pictures are good... i'd like to ride a camel :P

matthew h

hello the pictures are interesting

ben m

lol nice pics there was some well random animals camels and stuff there like ledgends weird tho .............. nice

ben m

Maddie N :)

hi miss, soz tried everything but can't see da pics!

Catriona H

I couldn't see the pictures that well but read the text i think it said that they only work at school for 4 1/2 hours in the morning or the afternoon but not both, while we do 7 all day.They all get 10 minuites play.They only have 14 teachers counting the head and they need to put to classes together. And the subjects they do are at the bottom.


miss i cant see the pictures :S

Geneve Jallorina

cool pics, Madame Bewell! (:

the camels were cute
It would be really hard to get up to the school ..

they are very interesting!


Morroco looks like a cool place but a bit sandy! They spend a lot less time at school and have less subjects than we do! If they dont have ICT either, I might go and live in Morroco. I like the camels. I wish we had camels in York. I cant really understand the written part but I think it says there are only 13 kids in the class. The school looks small too.

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