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Cristy Vogel

To kick off the week, my students watched a film that was in some way related to the current unit. I provided croissants and jam to the whole faculty and staff on the first morning. This week, there will be French-related trivia in the morning announcements everyday. All students can participate, so it gets the whole school involved. There is a trivia box and ballots in my room. At the end of each day, we draw a name and give a prize to the winner. I believe I'll buy some escargots for the kids to try--we'll take BEFORE escargots and AFTER escargots photos so that we can laugh at facial expressions. Hahaha. Otherwise, I'm not sure what else we'll do. (I think I'll prepare pain au chocolat this evening...)

By the way, LOVE your Wordle for Nat'l French Week! Thanks, also, for posting about this fun week!

Cristy Vogel

We also had dessert crêpes in the dining hall on the first day. The chef bought a bunch of them with various fruit, etc. to put inside. Kids loved it! Will post pics. I think the chef is making some French dishes this week, too. If so, I'll put labels in French on the glass, so the students can see what the dish is called in French.

jack b

learning a language is like a jigsaw puzzle because the more pieces you learn the clearer the big picture becomes!

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