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1) Pisco is an alpaca and is from Peru
2)Pisco loves the beach the best
3)Domingo worked with dogs for 10 years
4)Une plancehe de surf
5)Monkey, kangeroo, koala and a piglet
6)It's strange???

1)The smallest man in the world
2)He died
3)in Hospital
5)3 and a half pounds

i think it's pounds but not sure

Melissa C

1. Alpaca, Peru
2. The beach
3. 10 years
4. Une planche de surf
5. Kangaroo, koala, monkey & piglet
6. ?

1. Smallest man in the world
2. He died
3. Hospital, in Rome.
4. 75cm
5. 500g

George W

1. Pisco is from Peru and is an Alpaca.
2. Pisco loves the beach the best.
3. He worked with surfing dogs for 10 years.
4. une plancehe de surf.
5. Kangeroo, Koala, Piggy and a Monkey
6. It's Cool?

1. Smallest Man In The World
2. He was on tv
3. Rome, Hospital
4. 75cm
5. 3.5 pounds.
(I think he died like a month ago so, R.I.P)


Video 1 - Pisco:
1) He is a larma and he is from Perou.
2) Pisco favourite place is the sea.
3) Domingo the trainer has worked with surfing dogs for ten years.
4) Un Planche De Surf.
5) Kangeroo, Koala, Monkey and Pig.
6) They think that Pisco would be better on the ground.


1- Alpaca, he is from Peru
2- he loves the sea and the waves
3- 10 years
4- Planche de surf
5- kangaroo, koala, monkey, piglett
6- they dont know what to think

Here are my answers to video 2

1. He is the smallest man in the world.
2. He died.
3. In hospital in Rome, Italy.
4. 75cm
5. 500g

from sean evans

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